Facility & Equipment

Apple Signs strives to use advanced equipment and proven techniques to create the most effective and durable signs and graphics for your business.

Computer Hardware & Software

We operate networked PC-based design stations and wide format digital printers to create full-color graphics. Unique designs are created using Corel Draw! and Adobe Illustrator/PhotoShop.

Fabrication Equipment

We have all woodworking and metal fabricating equipment including welders, breaks, shears and a computerized automatic folding break. We can cut practically any letter or shape from flat stock (aluminum, wood, PVC, brass, foam, Plexiglas, etc.) using our customized flat bed router table providing amazing accuracy. The recent expansion of our metal shop and the addition of a full sized, spray and bake paint booth allows us to fabricate your custom electric signs and letters and finish them to our high standards.


Apple Signs is housed within its own 23,000 square foot facility on two acres of land, conveniently located between Baltimore and Annapolis, Maryland. The building features loading docks and a 5‐ton overhead crane.

Installation Equipment

All of our custom signs are installed by sign professionals using the best tools and equipment. We keep six installation trucks on the move using GPS, including 2-man 70-foot & 50-foot aerial bucket and crane trucks, two 38-foot bucket trucks as well as flatbed trailers and augers.